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(The) Library Essentials Guide: Borrowing & Renewing Books

Managing Your Library Account

You can manage your library account online by going to the Library Login or My Account links on the library catalogue or webpage. Use your regular college username and password to log in.

Through your online library account you can:

  • View the items you have on loan
  • Renew items that don't have requests
  • Manage your book requests

VIDEO: Borrowing & Renewing Books

If you have booked a study desk in the library or a computer, you will be able to browse and check out books while you study in the library. See the video below on how to check books out in the library.

NCI Library's 'Click & Collect' book service is available to all NCI students and staff. 

Book allowances:

College Level Number of Items Loan Duration
Undergraduate 5 items 2 weeks
Postgraduate 10 items 4 weeks
Staff 12 items 6 weeks

How to use the 'Click & Collect' book service:

Have a look in the library catalogue for the items you would like to request.

*note: Be aware of the number of items you are allowed to borrow (see chart above) - if you currently have items checked out, these will be deducted from the number of items you are allowed to borrow at one time. 

Fill out the Online Form with the details of the books you are requesting and then submit the form.

Once your request is received, a member of the library staff will check the items out to your account. You will then be notified via your college email that your items are ready to be collected from the NCI College Reception desk. 

*note: Any items that are not collected within the designated time period (i.e. three working days), will be checked back in and returned to the shelves.

Due to high demand and the necessity to quarantine and sanitise the returned items, there may be delays in fulfilling user's requests.

Browsing & Borrowing Books While Studying in the Library

If you have booked a study desk or computer within the library, you will be able to browse and check out books while you study in the library. You can borrow books by going to a member of the library staff at the services desk or you can use the self-service machine located across from the library services desk. If you have not booked a study desk or computer in the library you will not be able to enter the library to browse books.

*Note: When browsing books or using books in the library while studying, we ask that you set any books you have touched onto the trolleys provided for sanitisation purposes after use.

Books can be returned via the Book Returns Box which is located by the college reception desk. Due to sanitisation purposes, all books must be returned via the book returns box and there may be a delay in returned books taken off library accounts. Please allow 3 working days after returning your book(s) for your account to be cleared of the item(s). If a book you returned is still on your account after 3 business days, please contact the library.

Automatic Renewal System: 

If your book(s) have not been requested by another student, the due date of your items will automatically renew for another loan duration. Remember to carefully read all emails regarding your loans as they will alert you about when you need to bring an item back or if you can keep them. All notifications are sent directly to your NCI email account.

You also have the option of renewing your books in person, online through your account, over the phone or by email.

Fines for Overdue Books

Fines accrued for overdue books in the 2021/2022 academic year will be waived. With automatic renewals, you will only need to return a book if another student has requested it. We ask in this situation that you bring the item back as soon as you can to be fair to other library users. You can then request the book as well.

Book Reservations:

If all copies of a book you are looking for are out on loan, you can put your name on a waiting list for a copy by submitting a reservation. There are a few ways to reserve a book:

  1. Through the Library Catalogue
  2. Via LibChat
  3. Email -
  4. Or over the phone +353 1 449 8590

Once a copy of a book comes in for you, you will get a notification via your college email and a collection time will be arranged for you to pick up the requested book at the college reception desk.

Need advice for your assignments or research?

Need advice for your assignments or research?
The Library Help Centre currently offers online appointments as well as remote assistance via email.

Request an appointment or email us:

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Communications from the Library: Please note all communications from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your NCI student email account.