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(The) Library Essentials: Finding Books

Basic tips and information to help you get the most from your library

Library Essential #3 - Finding Books

Find a book

Library Essential #3 - Finding Books

If you want to find a book in the library you will need to know how to use the library catalogue. This guide shows you how to perform a simple search on the catalogue, and how to locate the book on the shelves. It also shows you how to log onto your library account to renew books, etc.

Library Map

Library Essential #3 - Finding Books

All books in the Main Lending (ML) section of the library are available to borrow - these are organised first by number (which corresponds to a subject area) and then alphabetically by author's surname.

Desk Reserve (DRES) books are core module texts kept behind the library desk and can only be borrowed fo 2 hours at a time in the library.

Reference (REF) books are located on the first shelf and may only be used in the library.

In order to find a book in the library, you will need to use the library catalogue (see guide below). The catalogue is available via specialised laptops in the library but you can also access the catalogue online using any device.

If there are no copies of a book available to borrow in the library, you can request a book that another student has on loan and they will have to bring it back when it is due.

Library Essential #3 - Finding Books on the Library Catalogue

Library Essential #3 - Finding Books on the Shelves

Library Essential #10 - Library Help Centre

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Communications from the library

Please note all communications, from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your N.C.I. student email account.