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(The) Library Essentials Guide: Finding Books

Finding Books

To find books in the library you need to know how to use the Library Catalogue. On this page, you can find guidelines using the library catalogue and how to locate books on the shelves.

Library Map

Take a look at the Library Map to find where a subject number is on the shelves.

NCI Library Books

NCI Library has three different sections of books:

Main Lending (ML): The largest portion of NCI Library's books are in the Main Lending section of the library. These books are available to all NCI Library users to borrow. They are organised first by shelf number (subject area number) and then alphabetically by author's surname.

Desk Reserve (DRES): Desk reserve books are located behind the library services desk. These books are core module texts and can be borrowed for 2 hours at at time can only be used in the library. Go to a member of staff at the library services desk to borrow a desk reserve.

Reference (REF): Our reference books are located on the first bay of shelves in the library (Bay #1). These books cannot be borrowed; however, they are available for use in the library.

Contact the Library Help Centre


Owing to the current isolation restrictions, we cannot currently offer face to face appointments, but please be aware we are still fully operational in terms of offering remote assistance for your assignments and research. If we can be of any help whatsoever, please do not hesitate to email us.




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Communications from the Library: Please note all communications from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your NCI student email account.