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eBooks: DawsonEra

A guide on accessing eBooks through our various databases.


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DawsonEra is an eBook database that allows you to read online or download specially selected eBooks relevant to many courses here at the National College of Ireland.

How Do I Open an eBook?

There are two ways to open an eBook in DawsonEra; they can be read online, or they can be downloaded as a PDF.

Reading Online




You can select the read online icon to open up the book in your browser. All eBooks will allow you to select this option so this is recommended as the best means of using these eBooks.





Select download from the window that opens, and allow a few minutes to complete. These downloads expire after 24 hours, after which you will be asked to login again to confirm your details.

Note: Due to publisher restrictions, not all books can be downloaded

Quick Tip

Hide restricted items

When searching for eBooks on DawsonEra, look for the green open lock symbol. This indicates that you have access to the eBook; eBooks with the purple closed lock icon can only be previewed. To hide these restricted eBooks, make sure the "Show unowned content" box is not selected.

Image of Dawson eBook restriction filter


DawsonEra will allow you to print and copy from some its eBooks but with restrictions; there are different conditions and restrictions for each publisher, with some not allowing any printing or copying.

The general guidelines for printing are between 5-20% of the text (dependent on the publisher) and only one page can be printed at a time. Every time you select print, a print credit will be used.

The general guidelines for copying are between 5-10% of the text (dependent on the publisher).

It is recommended that it is best to mainly read these texts online and only print or copy if it is absolutely necessary.

How do I find eBooks in DawsonEra?

You can find eBooks in DawsonEra in a number of ways:

  1. By browsing the DawsonEra database
  2. By using the search facility or advanced search in DawsonEra
  3. By using the library catalogue.

Pearson Managed User Access eBooks

Pearson Publishers have restricted access to their ebooks to one user at a time.  If the ebook you wish to borrow is a Pearson MUA model, you will see a message telling you that the borrowing time is 2 hours.  If you try to borrow one of these ebooks while someone else is using it, the system will ask you for your college email and place you in a queue.  You will get an email telling you when the book is available. 

Using Kortext to read Dawsonera eBooks

Kortext is an alternative platform with increased functionality on which you can read Dawson ebooks.  The benefits include : 

Convert text to speech with Read Aloud. 

Change font and size to suit user needs and present text in books and on platform. 

Line spacing, margin width and text justification to help differing reading needs and those with poor eyesight.

Change the background colour, text colour or night mode to enhance the overall reading experience.

Page numbers in margin for ease of navigation. 

Kortext provides alternative text for images and keyboard only input for select functionality. 

Watch this guide to learn how to search DawsonEra

Browsing DawsonEra

Browsing will allow you to see all of the eBooks that the library has purchased on DawsonEra. It is a good starting point to get an overview of what we have, and it will not show you any books to which you don't have access unless you choose to include them in your search.

You can browse by first selecting eBook Catalogue from the top menu.

This will bring you to a complete list of all of the eBooks we have on DawsonEra.The books can be sorted by A-Z, most recently published and most recently added to collection.

Image of DawsonEra browse page

Clicking on the title or the cover image of any book will bring you to a page with a full description and table of contents linking to each chapter.

If you want to go straight to the book, you can use the download icon, or read online option to begin reading.

Using DawsonEra search

To search for a book in DawsonEra, use the search bar in the top menu. You can search by a keyword, or with the drop down menu you can search by title, author or publisher. Here we have searched for Corporate Finance.

Image of DawsonEra search

When you get your results, you will get a list of titles that are not fully accessible. Make sure to remove these by deselecting the option on the side panel.

Image of DawsonEra Search Results

Once you have limited the results to  those you can access, you can sort them by Relevance, A-Z, Recently added and Recently published. When you find a title of interest, click the read online or download button.

Image of DawsonEra Search results

Using DawsonEra Advanced Search

DawsonEra also has an advanced search feature. This is useful if you have a title, author, ISBN, publisher and keywords and you want to include all or a combiination of some in your search.

Unlike the normal search it will not include eBooks that we have not purchased unless you select that option when searching.

Image of DawsonEra Advanced Search

Reading Online

When you choose to read online, you will see a similar screen to the one below.

  • You can see the eBook contents to the left; these can be used to instantly jump to a chapter.
  • The arrows either side are used to change the page.
  • You can zoom in using the controls just above the eBook itself
  • You can also search within the eBook using the Search option
  • The print and copy options are available above the eBook

Image of DawsonEra online reader