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eBooks: EBSCO

A guide on accessing eBooks through our various databases.

EBSCO eBooks

Image of EBSCO eBooks logo

EBSCO eBooks is an eBook database providing access to thousands of texts across multiple subject areas. The library has access to the EBSCO eBook Business Collection. This collection hosts around 13,000 eBooks on numerous topics, most with a business focus.

How do I find eBooks in the EBSCO eBook Business Collection?

You can find eBooks in the EBSCO eBook Business Collection in a number of ways:

  1. Browsing by subject area.
  2. Using the basic search.
  3. Using the advanced search.

EBSCO eBooks are also accessible through Discovery.

How do I open an eBook?

You can open an eBook by clicking on the "PDF Full Text" link in the results page, or in the eBook details page.

These links will open up the eBooks reader, where you can read the eBook in your browser.

Image of EBSCO eBooks PDF Full Text link

Image of EBSCO eBooks PDF Full Text link

Video Tutorials - How to use EBSCO eBook Collections

Browsing EBSCO eBooks

You can browse the EBSCO eBook Business Collection from the main page. There are three options for browsing:

  1. By using the subject categories (recommended)
  2. By using the highlights menu.
  3. By using the featured eBooks menu.

Image of EBSCO eBooks browse

When you have selected one of those options, you will be brought to a results screen. Here you can scroll down through results, and use the side panel to apply more filters if needed.

Image of EBSCO eBooks results

Using EBSCO eBook Business Collection basic search

You can do a basic search from the main eBooks page using keywords, titles and authors. You will be given keywords as you type that may match what you are looking for.

You may also select the Basic Search link below the search box for a few more options.

The basic search screen will allow you to include a few more options. If you have an author and keyword, but no title, you can search here and have a better chance of finding your eBook. You can also include the ISBN, title and publication date(s)

Image of EBSCO eBooks basic search page

In this example, we are searching for an accounting book, We have an author surname (Broadbent) but no title. We also know it's been published in recent years and have included a date range. In running the search, we get only one result which is the eBook we are looking for.

Using EBSCO eBook Business Collection advanced search

To use the advanced search options in EBSCO eBook Business Collection, click on the link below the search bar on the main page.

Image of EBSCO eBooks advance search link

You will go to the following page which will have multiple search boxes. This allows you to search for combinations of keywords, titles, subjects, authors. You can select which field you want to search from the drop down menus for every search box. You can also limit which dates you wish to search for here.

In this example we are doing a keyword search for "Marketing" across all fields with "Psychology" in the Subject fields

Image of EBSCO eBooks advanced search screen

You will get the following results - you can further filter these results by using the sidebar to change dates, subjects and categories.

If you are unsure about an eBook, click on its title to view more information. Click on PDF full text to get full access to the eBook.

Image of EBSCO eBooks search results

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