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eBooks: VLeBooks

A guide on accessing eBooks through our various databases.

VLeBooks offers full-text online access to ebooks to students and staff at the National College of Ireland. eBooks are selected individually according to course lists and demand. VLeBooks has replaced the content formally offered by the DawsonEra ebooks platform.

Connect to VLeBooks here.

VLeBooks FAQ

Are you looking for more information about VLeBooks or have a question? Have a look at VLeBooks' FAQ webpage. The following FAQ sections may be the most relevant:

How to access VLeBooks through NCI Library

  1. Go to the library's homepage
  2. Select 'eBooks' from the 'Collections' menu
  3. Scroll down to find VLeBooks or select 'V' from the top menu

TIP: Right-click on the database name and open in a new tab or window so you can easily return to the list of ebook databases.

You will be prompted to sign in before the VLeBooks page opens - use your college email and network password.

How to use VLeBooks


VLeBooks home page is where you can easily browse, search, and easily find ebooks you have accessed previously.
Browse through ebooks by using the subject list.
Use the search box to search for ebooks by the subject, title, or author.
Scroll down the page to explore new ebooks added to the databases, the most popular ebooks being read as well as other suggested ebooks.

Use the Advanced Search to look for a specific ebook or to browse by a topic.

You can read an ebook online through VLeBooks online viewer. This tool provides tools to help you find information quickly and easily (see the Reading Online tab).
You can download a PDF copy of the book for a limited amount of time.
You can save an ebook to easily access at another time by adding it to one of your bookshelves (see the Create a Bookshelf tab).


Browse through the contents and chapters of the ebook - select a chapter to skip ahead to it.
Use the search tool to look for a specific term within the book - this tool will highlight the term you search for throughout the ebook, it's a great way to quickly find the information you are looking for.
Use the dictionary tool to look up the definitions of any words or search terms you find in the ebook.
The top toolbar provides you with many settings for the display of the ebook. You can zoom in and out, change the colour, print sections of the ebook as well as an option to have the book read allowed. 

Use the bookshelves feature to save and organise any ebooks you will be using throughout your course. On this page you can view and manage your bookshelves. 
Select the 'Create a Bookshelf' to create a new bookshelf to store ebooks on a particular topic or even for one of your modules.
You can see a list of the bookshelves you have created on the left and can quickly access them from the list.


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