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The Mathematics Support Service is one of a number of services offered by the NCI Student Support Service. The service provides an informal environment for students who are experiencing difficulties or wish to improve their understanding of and confidence in mathematical concepts. All National College of Ireland students are welcome and encouraged to avail of the services offered by the Mathematical Support Office. In particular, if the student is taking a Business module or Computing module from any of the following:

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Introduction to Mathematics for Business and Computing
  • Mathematics for Finance
  • Computer Architecture

In addition, the service also offers support to students undertaking a final year dissertation/thesis. These supports include Research Methods associated with the generating of research results, and specifically in relation to the testing of hypothesis and the reporting of associated results. In that regard, the service runs a series of SPSS support workshops. Dissertation/Thesis students can also book one-to-one appointments to discuss their respective research results.

The service is module focused and targeted, meaning that supports are provided and directed at all modules that have substantial mathematics and statistical learning outcomes. The supports are primarily group based, with weekly support sessions run for all relevant modules. Communication and invitation is done through programme email distribution groups lists, and more recently done through Teams programme group lists. 

Video Resources

The following thumbnails link to a set of YouTube video resources


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