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Mendeley LibGuide: Mendeley Search & Papers

Literature Search

Featured in the left panel of Mendeley, ‘Literature Search’ may lead you to other material that is relevant to your topic - you can then search for the full-text document within relevant databases.

Mendeley Search

Within your own library and files, you can quickly search for information with a keyword which will include the full-text of any pdf documents you have stored as well as any notes and tags that you may have added - you can choose one particular folder or search all documents. You can also use the drop down options to search Authors, Titles, Publication Names,Year and Notes. 

You can conduct a more specific search by entering tag: and then your search term - this will only return results that have been specifically tagged with this term by you. You can do the same by searching abstract: and then your search term.

Mendeley Desktop - Related

The Related button above your Desktop Library is a nice feature that will recommend related articles based on the files you select in your library.

Click on the files in your Mendeley Desktop Library, press CTRL if you want to select multiple articles and select the Related button on the top left of the screen. A list of articles related to your selection will appear.

Search in Mendeley Desktop

The Advanced search feature is no longer an option for Mendeley Web.

Mendeley Research Papers

You can also discover Mendeley readership statistics about the paper you are reading. Browse Mendeley’s crowd-sourced research catalog of millions of papers

Papers is a crowd-sourced database containing millions of papers which can be searched like any other database.

When you upload PDFs and save citations to your Mendeley account, Mendeley anonymously connects the academic discipline with this particular paper/citation. When more people in your discipline also save the same paper/citation, it gives the connection more weight.

This will allow you to discover new and popular articles in your area of research.