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Mendeley LibGuide: Help

Mendeley Support

For a more detailed overview, take a look at the Mendeley Learn & Support page.

Or send an e-mail to Mendeley Support or the Library Help Centre.

Mendeley Guides

If you need more information please see the Mendeley Help Guides.

For a list of instructional videos please see this page.

Stay up to date with Mendeley

Follow @MendeySupport on Twitter for real-time technical support and the latest Mendeley updates.

The Mendeley Blog contains a wealth of information about Mendeley - news and updates, technical support, tips and tricks, and even examples from Mendeley users.  The 'How-To' Series  is especially useful to those new to Mendeley and highlights some tips and tricks to help users get started.

Need advice for your assignments or research?
The Library Academic Support Centre is here to help!
We offer in-person and online appointments, remote assistance via email and a drop-in service.
For more details about how we can help you, see here.