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Faculty & Staff Guide: Major Case Study Providers: where the Library gets case studies



Main case study providers are.....

Case Studies from other Providers

NCI Library does not currently subscribe to Harvard Business School Case Studies  or Darden Case Studies however many of these case studies are available via The Case Centre.

Should lecturers need to use case studies from alternative suppliers, please contact Mary Buckley, Librarian or the Library. Tel 01 4498590

Information on how to use Case Centre case studies on Moodle

Please click on the file below for instructions on downloading & using online case studies, which have been requested via the Library.

Course Pack Creator: powered by The Case Centre, this is a powerful tool to help you quickly create professional and comprehensive CoursePacks.  Once you are a registered member/tutor, you can request the Library to select SchoolPay to maximise ease of use for your students by paying for all the materials in advance, once enrolment is confirmed. StudentPay is available to all educational customers.

The Case Centre [formerly ECCH]

 The Case Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the case method of learning. This subscription service is made up of management case studies and journal article reprints is a unique and    accessible   resource of teaching materials.


A subscription service, The Case Centre:

NCI Lecturers accessing Case Clearing House Materials:

You must register your NCI email address & identify yourself as an NCI Lecturer Confirmation by the Case Clearing House can take up to 5 working days [they do this by email address & contacting the NCI Library]

You will receive a confirmation email to your NCI email account from the Case Clearing House, once you have clicked on this link your registration will be processed

  • Once your registration has been confirmed you will be able to access ‘Draft’ copies of case studies & teaching notes [where they are available]
    1. Draft copies can be used by registered educators/lecturers to assess cases for class use or for your own personal research.
    2. Case Clearing House is for use by lecturers only & is not available to students
  • Once you have identified case(s) that you want to use in class please do the following
    1. Copies of case studies that you want to use in a classroom setting must be ordered via the Library, please contact by email to arrange this. 
    2. When ordering case studies please include class code, year, module of study & number of students in the class
    3. The link from cases ordered from the Case Clearing House & used Online expire after 6 months (from date of order)
    4. You will receive an email from the Library with links to the case(s) requested which you may then put on a link from Moodle

Emerald E-Cases

Emerald E-Cases is a growing digital library of over 1,500 real-world case studies on a wide range of industries and disciplines including content from Emerald and licensed cases from international business schools. From 2001 to date, these cases are ideal to use as examples of business and management issues and are updated regularly to maintain current awareness and keep teaching material fresh and original.

Students may access the Emerald E-Cases (case studies) via the Library A-Z Databases.

 Lecturers may use the case studies & request students to use them without having to request permission from the Library.  The Case Studies may also be placed on Moodle for use with your teaching.

You will have to register as a Faculty/Staff member of NCI using your NCI Staff email account in order to access the Teaching Notes (you only need to register once & then access to the teaching notes is enabled).

In order to access the Teaching Notes you will have to login to Emerald Insight from the Emerald Case Studies Site, you will also need to activate your account; to do this you will need to click on a specific URL which can be obtained via Library Email or Phone 01 4498590.  All Faculty & Staff will have this URL emailed to their NCI Staff Email Accounts prior to the beginning of the Academic Term.

Once you have obtained & clicked on  the relevant URL,  choose the Login Button on the top right hand side of the page.  Once you have created your login/password, you will be directed to a screen giving details of your access entitlements (see guide below).

Then put in the case study title, author or subject you want to search, click on the title of the case study (& not the PDF); once you have clicked on the title you will get an option to click on Teaching Notes, which contain all or some of the following: Synopsis: Case objectives and position in the courseRelevant readings: Data collection and key theoretical frameworks: Teaching plan: Assignment questionsAnalysis: Class Discussion: Exhibit(s)

Marketing Business Case Studies Archive

The Marketing Business Case Studies Archive explains the purpose of the marketing function and the process of marketing planning.

NCI Library Network Licence gives access to marketing topics including:-

  • The role of market research in analysing customer requirements
  • SWOT analysis to map strengths, take advantage of opportunities or counter threats
  • Setting marketing objectives - product- versus market-orientation
  • Achieving balance in the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) to help achieve competitive advantage
  • Which marketing strategies (Ansoff's matrix - market penetration, market development, product development, diversification) should a business choose to fit different needs
  • The strategies for marketing products at different stages of the product lifecycle

Additional information & case studies may be accessed from: Business Case Studies LLP  note: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

Sage Business Cases

SAGE Business Cases is designed to engage students in applying core concepts to practice through the use of examples from the global business environment. Offered on SAGE's digital library platform, SAGE Knowledge, these 2,500 cases are integrated with SAGE's journal, book, video, and reference content, allowing for a rich scholarly environment and enhanced discovery.

The wide depth and breath of SAGE Business Cases is essential for Academics whether it is for research or teaching purposes. Business Cases includes short vignettes, narrative long form, written using both field research and publicly available sources. Many Cases include teaching notes and discussion questions to ensure effective classroom use. 

Topics include Marketing, Operations Management, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, International Business, Human Resource Management, and more.

Students, faculty, and staff can access SAGE Business Cases through the Library's website. Just go to the Library's main page, choose  Databases or follow this link, and find SAGE Business Cases.

Once you have selected SAGE Business Cases, from the Home page, you can select institution and login via your institution from the top right hand corner

Lecturers can create a profile to get access to Teaching Notes, can use the case studies and request students to use them without having to request permission from the Library. Lecturers can also place Case Studies on Moodle for teaching and student use.