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National College of Ireland


Remote Learning & Library Supports: On-Campus Services

How to connect to the Wi-Fi network in NCI

The WiFi network at NCI is called Eduroam.

To access Eduroam, you will need to authenticate/log in by using your college network username and password. Use the following format when you are authenticating Eduroam to your device:

Password: xxxxxxxx (your college network password)

Computers, Printing & Photocopying


Computers available for students to use in the library. To log in to a computer in the library, use your college network username (x followed by your student number) and password. WiFi and power sockets are also available in the library for laptop use at study desks.



Library Student Printers

The library is the main printing hub for NCI students. There are 4 printers/photocopiers located at the front of the library. All 4 of the printers provide printing, photocopying, and scanning services.

To use the printers, login to 'My Print Center' on a library pc or your own device with your student email and network password, upload your document and select your print options. Next, go to the corresponding printer (black and white or colour) and scan your student card at the printer.

Printing Outside Library Hours

A printer is available in the Self-Service Hub located in Room 107 on the first floor of the college - use the 'My Print Center' on your device to print your documents. If you have any issues using this printer, please see the NCI Support Hub - you may need to log a ticket with IT.


  1. Go to one of the library printers/photocopiers
  2. Swipe your student ID card on the swipe unit attached to the photocopier
  3. On the touch screen, select 'Make Copies'
  4. Adjust photocopy settings if necessary
  5. Place your documentation on into the feeder or on the glass panel
  6. Press the green "Start" button to scan your document
  7. When finished, "Logout"

If you need assistance, please see a member of library staff at the reader services desk.


  1. Go to one of the library printers/photocopiers
  2. Swipe your student ID card on the swipe unit attached to the photocopier
  3. On the touch screen, select 'Scan and Send'
  4. Select the 'Send to Myself' option
  5. Place your documentation into the feeder or on the glass panel
  6. Press the green "Start" button to the right of the touch screen
  7. Then select the 'Start Sending' option on the pop up box
  8. When finished, "Logout"

You will receive an email with a PDF attachment in your college email inbox. Note: the scanning function may not be available on all printer/photocopiers. 

If you have issues with receiving your scanned documents, you will need to log a ticket with IT via the NCI Support Hub.

Use your student card to pay for printing. If you are a new student in NCI, you will begin your course with €5 credit on your student card.

Printing Costs:

  • Black & White: 8 cents per page
  • Colour: 50 cents per page

Top Up: 

Go to the Student Print site and top-up your print credit using a debit or credit card. To log in, use your college network username and password.

For further details on printing and photocopying, take a look at the Library Printing Guide.

There could be a number of reasons as to why your document has not shown up at one of the student printers. Ensure you have done the following:

  1. Swipe your own student card at the student printer or if you are printing in a group, make sure whoever logged into their 'My Print Centre' account swipes their student card at the printer.
  2. If you are printing in colour, make sure you swipe your card at one of the 2 colour printers. If you print in black and white your document should show up on any of the 4 library printers.
  3. Check to see if you have sufficient funds. If not, you can top up online:
  4. If you are trying to print an article from one of the library databases, sometimes these resources have restricted copyright access so you will not be able to download these to print.

If you have checked all of the above and you are still having issues printing, please talk to a member of the library staff or go to the NCI Support Hub.

You can borrow books by going to a member of library staff at the services desk or you can use the self-service machine located across from the library services desk.

Book Allowances:

College Level Number of Items Loan Duration
Undergraduate 5 items 2 weeks
Postgraduate 10 items 4 weeks

Automatic Renewal System 

If your book(s) have not been requested by another student, the due date of your items will automatically renew for another loan duration. Remember to carefully read all emails regarding your loans as they will alert you about when you need to bring an item back or if you can keep them. All notifications are sent directly to your NCI email account.

You also have the option of renewing your books in person, online through your account, over the phone or by email.

Book Reservations

If all copies of a book you are looking for are out on loan, you can put your name on a waiting list for a copy by submitting a reservation. There are a few ways to reserve a book:

  1. Through the Library Catalogue
  2. Via LibChat
  3. Email -
  4. Or over the phone +353 1 449 8590

Once a copy of a book comes in for you, you will get a notification via your college email. The book will be held for you behind the library services desk. You will have 5 business days to collect it.

Books can be returned via the book returns box located outside the library entrance or by using the self-service machine in the library. All returned items will be sanitised before they are put back into circulation. You can keep an eye on your library account here: My Account.

Fines accrued for overdue books in the 2021/2022 academic year will be waived. With automatic renewals, you will only need to return a book if another student has requested it. We ask in this situation that you bring the item back as soon as you can to be fair to other library users. You can then request the book as well.

Keep up to date on any library news and resources by following @NCILibrary on Facebook Twitter Instagram
Communications from the Library: Please note all communications from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your NCI student email account.