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EBSCO Discovery Service LibGuide: What is Discovery?

What is EBSCO Discovery Service?

EBSCO Discovery Service Logo

     EBSCO Discovery Service is a search engine for the majority of the library's resources. It can be used to search for              articles from multiple databases at once, as well as the library's catalogue collection. It is often the best place to start          your research. 


EDS LibGuide

This Discovery LibGuide will help you explore the following:


Where can I find EDS?

   There are a few places where you can access Discovery: 

  • From the library website where there is a custom Discovery search box.
  • Directly from the Discovery home page by clicking here.
  • Across our LibGuides where you will see numerous customised Discoverysearch boxes.


                     *Note: At times, you may be prompted with a login window for EBSCO. When the login                             box to the right appears use x, your student number and your regular password.


Library Contact

Cory Lynn Newbigging

When to Use Discovery?

 When you are beginning your research.

 When you need to browse and access             all of the library's electronic resources               quickly.

 To get an overview of the resources                   available on your topic.

When Not to Use Discovery?

 When you are looking for early release             conference proceedings or journal                     articles; these will often not be available           until final publication.

 When you are doing legal research,                   particularly cases; the law resources are           available separately. (Law Subject Guide)

 When you are looking for company and           industry reports; these are available in             specific business databases.

Discovery Help

   Have a question? Check out the        EBSCO Discovery Service                help page for more information. Or send an e-mail to the Library Help Centre.