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EBSCO Discovery Service LibGuide: Advanced Search

How to do an Advanced Search

Advanced Search Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide for carrying out an Advanced Search on Discovery:

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What is Advanced Search?

Discovery's Advanced Search gives you the tools to conduct a more detailed search. It allows you to pre-limit your search by using filters and to search for specific types of content while excluding material you do not want. Follow the Advanced Search Guide video or pdf to begin your detailed search!

When to use Advanced Search

  • When you are doing detailed research beyond the basic search capabilities.
  • When you want to pick your filters before you search as opposed to after (pre-limiting).
  • When you are looking for a specific type of content.
  • When you want to exclude book reviews and newspapers articles.

Discovery Quick Tips

Use Boolean Operators

ANDto narrow your search.

OR - to expand your search.

NOT - to exclude terms from you search.

Exclude Content Type

Try excluding newspaper articles or book reviews if you are looking for full-text only articles. They make up a lot of results when included and can slow down your search. They may be useful when doing a scan of literature however, so pick and choose when to include them.

Check out the Search Tips Tab above for even more useful tips!

Discovery Help

  Have a question? Check out the EBSCO Discovery Service help page for more                       information. Or send an e-mail to the Library Help Centre.

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