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Turnitin Guide: Draft Coach

Turnitin advice for NCI students and staff

Turnitin Draft Coach allows you to use Turnitin tools within Google Docs or Word Online to help you work towards the final draft of your assignment before making your submission to Moodle.

Draft Coach is currently available when using Google Docs or Word Online (accessed through the NCI MyApps Portal). 

Draft Coach contains three elements; Similarity Check, Citations Check, and Grammar Check. For more information on each of these see Turnitin's Understanding Turnitin Draft Coach article and take a look at our FAQS on the right to learn how you can start using it.

Turnitin also provides instructional material for both students and instructors in this article.

Please note that Draft Coach is a completely separate tool to the existing ability of students to make draft submissions to Moodle as per NCI's draft policy below. Therefore both are unconnected and a student may run 3 similarity checks through Draft Coach and then if they wish make further draft submissions through their Moodle submission points prior to their deadline.

NCI Multiple Draft Policy:

The default setting for NCI is to allow multiple draft submissions to Turnitin (via Moodle plugin) for the student.

This default setting will allow up to 3 draft submissions in a 24 hour period - prior to final submission.

The first four submissions (your first submission and then 3 resubmissions) will generate a new similarity report instantly. Any subsequent submissions will incur a 24-hour delay between reports generating. 

Draft Coach FAQs