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Thesis & Final Year Project Submission Guide: Submission Guidelines


This guide is to provide you with the basic information and guidelines on writing and submitting your thesis, dissertation or final year project at NCI. Take a look at the general submission information on this page as well as the specific guidelines based on your course (see course guidelines tab above). If you seek further information or assistance, please talk to a member of library staff or to your lecturer/supervisor. 

Thesis Binding

For thesis binding located near the college, have a look at SNAP in the IFSC on Mayor Street Lower. For more information, see their website:

What is a thesis or dissertation?

A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification. It explains the purpose, the methods, and the findings of the research project with a supporting literature review and bibliography.

Thesis Submission Guidelines

When submitting your thesis or dissertation to NCI, there are requirements that must be met:

  • Your thesis or dissertation must be hard bound in University Blue with Gold lettering.
  • The spine of your bound thesis or dissertation must give your name, the degree for which it is presented and the year in which the degree is conferred.
  • The cover must give the title of your thesis or dissertation, your name, the degree for which it is presented and the year in which the degree is conferred.
  • A signed Thesis Submission and Declaration Form.
  • An electronic/soft copy of your thesis for NCI Library submitted via Moodle (Turnitin).

*Note: School of Computing students are only required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis or dissertation.

NCI requires that once your thesis or dissertation has been submitted and approved by your school or supervisor, an electronic version is deposited into the NCI Library repository NORMA. The electronic copy you submit via Moodle (Turnitin), will be generated into a PDF copy, arranged by your school or programme coordinator, and passed onto the Library to be deposited. If you have any security settings on your soft copy, please disable these before you upload it to Moodle.

You are required to complete and sign a Submission of Thesis and Declaration form (find below) and attach this to all copies (both bound and electronic) of your thesis or dissertation.

NCI, the Library and NORMA make no claim of ownership of student theses or dissertations; however, the college retains a non-exclusive license to make copies of theses or dissertations as needed for the academic or archival purpose of the institution. This included providing open access to the work on the internet. If necessary to protect legitimate proprietary interests (such as patent rights), students may request to temporarily delay the public display of their dissertation or thesis.

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