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Thesis / Final Year Project Guidelines: Submission Guidelines

NCI Library Guidelines for theses and final year projects


These pages give basic information and guidelines to students on thesis & dissertation writing for courses in the National College of Ireland.  Students should read the material appropriate to them, and if in doubt, seek further assistance either from library staff or from your lecturer.  If in doubt, please ask; we are here to help you with your research!

About A Thesis/Dissertation

A dissertation or thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification. It explains the purpose, the methods, and the findings of the research project with a supporting literature review and bibliography. Business School students must deposit a bound hard copy & electronic copy of your thesis/dissertation in the NCI Library.  Computing students must deposit an electronic copy only.


NORMA Institutional Repository: holds the electronic version/copy of the Thesis/Dissertation ​


Information on copyright, ownership & graduation

NCI, the Library or NORMA makes no claim of ownership of student dissertations or theses; however, the college retains a non-exclusive license to make copies of dissertations or theses as needed for the academic or archival purposes of the institution. This includes providing open access to the work on the internet. If necessary to protect legitimate proprietary interests (such as patent rights), students may request to delay temporarily the public display of their dissertation or thesis.

Thesis binding

Thesis Binding : SNAP IFSC, Mayor Street, Dublin 

For additional information please go to


NCI Thesis/Dissertation Submission Requirements in the College Repository NORMA

NCI requires that your thesis/dissertation be deposited in NORMA, the College's Institutional Repository. Your School or Programme Coordinator will arrange for your thesis or dissertation to be deposited with the NCI College Library for this purpose after if has been approved by the School/Supervisor.

As soon as  you have uploaded an electronic copy via Moodle (Turnitin), and your thesis or dissertation is approved the Library will upload your publication to NORMA. The PDF will be created from your uploaded electronic submission via Moodle/Turnitin, not from a scan of the printed document. Any security settings must be disabled by yourself.

Students must complete and sign a Submission of Thesis to Norma Smurfit Library, National College of Ireland Form; this form must be included in the bound and electronic copies of your thesis/dissertation


Submission and declaration forms for theses

Thesis Presentation: notes from NCI Library on Presenting your thesis

The Norma Smurfit Library has drawn up this guide as the standard for all theses presented for research degrees in the National College of Ireland.

It should be noted, however, that this guide does not deal with the content and academic standard required of a thesis.  On these matters you must always consult your supervisor and the guidance issued by your school.

All candidates are required to submit their thesis in English unless formal permission to use another language was given before the candidate was admitted to the National College of Ireland.  If material submitted is the result of collaborative research, the submission must clearly identify your contribution.

The first section of this guide draws to your attention the practical issues about which you should be aware before you embark on the final assembly of your thesis.  Many practical decisions (such as the paper to be used, how to cope with illustrative matter, binding specifications and procedures etc.) need to be thought out before you put together your completed thesis with all of its constituent elements.  Unless you are aware of these practical issues, you may find that it is impossible to have this done in the fashion you anticipated, or that the costs incurred will be greater than they need to have been.  Some mistakes are impossible to correct when the time comes for binding.

The thesis must be bound in accordance with National College of Ireland requirements before the degree may be awarded.  Two soft bound and one hard bound copy must be presented for examination. An electronic copy must also be entered on Moodle VLE.

The second section of the guide is intended to give you guidance on general aspects concerning the layout of the thesis itself.

The Norma Smurfit Library has drawn up this guide as the standard for all theses presented for research degrees in the National College of Ireland.

Quick Guide to NCI Thesis/Dissertation Submission

In submitting your thesis to NCI there are some requirements that must be met: 

  • Thesis must be hard bound in University Blue with Gold Lettering. The spine must give your name, the degree for which the thesis is presented, and the year in which the degree is conferred. This is echoed on the cover of the thesis. 
  • A signed thesis declaration form (a copy of this form is available on this page)
  • A signed thesis submission form (a copy of this form is available on this page)
  • Electronic/soft copy of thesis for NCI Library
  • Soft copy submitted via TURNITIN​

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