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Case Studies: Emerald E-Cases

How to find and use case studies

What is Emerald eCases?

eCases logo Emerald eCases is a growing digital library of over 1,500 real-world case studies on a wide range of industries and disciplines. This includes content form Emerald and licensed cases from international business schools. Since 2001, these cases are ideal to use for examples of business and management issues. They are updated regularly to maintain current awareness and keep teaching material fresh and original.

Where to find the Teaching Notes?

You can access Teaching Notes by conducting a search for a Case Study, select the title of the Case Study (not the PDF) and the view options below will be available on the next page. Select Teaching Notes.


Accessing eCases at Home

  If you wish to access Emerald eCases from home,         make sure to go through the NCI Library's A-Z Databases website. You will need to sign on through Shibboleth/Access through your institution, and then choose National College of Ireland, and then sign in using your email address and passwrod before you can access PDF documents on the Emerald Database.

Accessing & Using Emerald eCases

Students, faculty, and staff can access Emerald eCases through the Library's website. Just go to the Library's main page, choose A-Z Databases from the Collections menu, and find the Emerald eCases Collection or click here.

Once you have selected Emerald eCases Collection, you should be prompted to sign in through Shibboleth. Students: to sign into Shibboleth use your student email address [i.e.] as your username then use your regular password.

Lecturers may use the case studies and request students to use them without having to request permission from the Library. Lecturers can also place Case Studies on Moodle for teaching and student use.

Accessing Teaching Notes

Existing profile users:

Emerald migrated to a new platform on 4th July. If you had a user profile on Emerald’s old platform, it is likely to have transferred over at the point of migration, Please login with your email address at and select the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link to assign a new password. Then go to Step 2 below.


New Profile Users

  1. Register a profile on 


  2. Verifying your access entitlement

Notify your library administrator that you have created a profile account in order to facilitate access the Teaching Notes and ask them to verify that you are a faculty member based at their institution.


  1. Your library administrator will contact you as soon as your access permissions have been confirmed.