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National College of Ireland


Academic Integrity Guide: Staff/Instructor Resources


Code of Practice for Academic Honesty and Integrity 

"Academic honesty and integrity is central to NCI's learning community and all students and staff are expected to uphold this principle. The purpose of this code is to ensure that the assessment process is valid, reliable, have integrity and are fair to all. This policy is to ensure that student engagement in assessment is honest and reflects the work and abilities of the student and that it provides a response, feedback and consequence to issues concerning possible breaches in a timely and transparent manner. The code also lays out the process for managing alleged breaches and stipulates penalties". (Code of Practice for Academic Honesty and Integrity, from National College of Irelands Quality Assurance Handbook, Chapter 4, section 4.22.1)

Along with the above information other NCI policies relating to academic honesty and integrity such as section 4.22.3 dealing with the correct procedure following a suspected breach of the above code and section 4.22.5 on the outcomes and consequences of such a breach can be found here.

A number of shorter policy supplements on Academic Integrity and Generative AI use can also be found on the college's Academic Integrity page.


The following are resources that support academic integrity and provide standards for best practice. These may be useful for instructors or to be shared by instructors with students.

NCI Library Resources:

External Resources:



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