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Inter-library Loans & External Membership: Inter-library Loans

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Inter-library loans

Inter-library loan form


Sometimes you may be looking for a book, or a journal article that the library does not have. It is sometimes, but not always, possible to acquire a copy of the material you want - either from another library or from a publisher/distributor. The aim of the interlibrary loan service (ILL) is to obtain for users items which are currently unavailable at Norma Smurfit Library with minimum possible delay. The service is available to staff and students of NCI. 



The very first thing you should do is to check if our library has what you are looking for. Please check the catalogue to ensure the material is not in the library collections. If the item you are looking for is a journal article, report etc. you should then try searching for it on the Web. Sometimes this material is posted on the Web, and you can download a copy for free. You should also check the library databases by using the library search engine Discovery. If you have exhausted all these possibilities you can ask us to obtain a copy.
The library has a number of different sources we can get material from.The main book suppliers are the British Library, Irish Universities, Institutes of Technology and Public Libraries. If the item is a journal article we usually go directly to a publisher/distributor.


If you wish to apply for an inter-library loan download the inter-library loan form. Fill in all the details, and email the form to A separate form is required for each request so please ensure you give full details for each one. Another form will be required if the item contains more than one volume.

The time difference between the submittal and receipt of the requests varies depending on the availability of each item. Items supplied by lending libraries arrive on average within 8-10 days. The NCI library cannot take any responsibility for delays in receipt of items which are beyond our control.

The return date for interlibrary loans will be stamped on the outside of each item. Please ensure that the item is returned by the appropriate date. Overdue items are subject to fines of €5 per item. ILL returns may be left at the circulation desk. Copies of journal articles supplied can be retained by the individual who ordered them, subject to copyright regulations.

NCI students may be charged €10 for every ILL requested. All items ordered must be paid for upon receipt regardless of the time-span.

Online content, not in our collections, can sometimes be accessed free of charge - try a Google search!