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National College of Ireland


Printing, Photocopying & Scanning: Video Guides

The general printing, photocopying & scanning guidelines; information for Students, Faculty & Staff of the National College of Ireland

Location of printers/photocopiers

The current location of the printer/photocopiers for student use is:

  • One black and white printer/photocopier in front of the library desk
  • One black and white and one colour printer/photocopier on the right hand wall in the library (just past the computers)
  • One colour printer/photocopier in the Assistive Technology room to the right after the library turnstile
  • One black and white printer/photocopier on the first floor in the Student Self-Service Hub (turn right out of the lift and go through the double doors, the Hub is the first room on the left).

Printing and Photocopying Guide

How to Scan Using the Printer/Photocopiers