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Discrete mathematics is a sub-domain of mathematics that concentrates on the study of discrete objects. In particular, we mean dealing with the study of distinct or unconnected elements. The domain consists of many topics, for example, Set Theory, Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic, Counting, Relations, Graphs, Trees, and Boolean Algebra, The study of discrete structures is fundamental to many subjects, but particularly important in Computer Science. In that regard, discrete mathematics lays a foundation for understanding and modelling database systems and their structure; network analysis and finding efficient paths; computer architecture and the design and modelling of processor components, for example arithmetic logic units and memory.

This LibGuide is dedicated to providing additional resources and support to students studying discrete mathematics. The LibGuide provides access to a large set of instructional videos, developed by the Mathematics Development and Support Service. in addition, to providing digital access to a dedicated Discrete mathematics formulae and tables booklet. Students wishing to book appointments can also use the "Book an Appointment" facility that will allow you to enrol on weekly support classes, as well as organising dedicated small group supports.

Video Resources

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