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Library Help Centre: Student Guides & Links

Library Essential #10 - Library Help Centre - Student Guides & Links


Not everyone wants to attend extra sessions on top of all their classes - so we have a mix of resources and easy links to answer some of the more general basic queries.

If you are a new student and missed orientation, then check out our essentials guide – this will introduce you to all the main things you need to know to get started

If you’re having trouble with referencing, take a look at these referencing guides – most of the courses in NCI require you to use the Harvard referencing style but if you’re studying psychology, you need to use the APA style; some computing courses use IEEE.

If you can’t find information on your particular subject or course, take a look at the databases most relevant to your subject - you can do this by clicking on your relevant subject guide here

If you are an international student and unsure of the academic requirements of your new course, take a look at our international student guide – this will give you some tips and advice on how to get familiar with studying in NCI

Library Essential #10 - Library Help Centre

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