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Library Help Centre: Services for Lecturers

Need Help?

Whether your students have come to college straight from school or from a different country or after some years in work or raising a family, they may find that it differs in many ways from any studying they’ve done before. The Library Help Centre is here to help them find their feet and to develop the skills they need to succeed in whatever challenges they face throughout their course. We provide a professional, friendly and free service, working with students in all disciplines and at all levels of academic study, from undergraduate to PhD.

Who Uses The Library Help Centre?


The Library Help Centre is for all staff; typically staff use the Library Help Centre if:

They want their students to improve their referencing

They want their students to use more of the online journals and databases available through the library

They want their students to better understand how best to approach and write a literature review

They want to assistance with finding resources for their own research

They want advice on meeting the referencing requirements of journals when submitting papers

Help Your Students Get Better Grades!


The Library Help Centre is located on the ground floor in the middle of the library. In addition to offering one-to-one and small group support, you can invite us to run a session with your students which we will tailor to their specific needs.

You can book a session where we can help your students to:

find information for their assignments or

get a better understanding of referencing and how to use it in their assignments or

understand how to write and research literature reviews

With our guidance, they can develop their skills for study success and help themselves to better grades!

Library Help Centre

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