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Library Help Centre: Lecturer Sessions and Queries

What Kind of Help Can You Get From Us?

If you have a quick query, you can phone, email or just drop in and we’ll do our best to help you

You can also contact us to request any of the following types of sessions - the Library Help Centre keeps flexible hours so we provide evening and weekend sessions if required

You can request a bespoke session on academic writing and referencing for your students

You can request a session on using the Mendeley reference manager

You can request a bespoke session on accessing and using the library’s online resources

You can request a session on preparing for and writing a literature review

It is recommended for any session requests that they are tied into particular assignments – in that way it makes it more relevant and focused for the students

If you would like some assistance with your own research or need some advice on referencing, then you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment

If you would like help with your own research or referencing but would rather get assistance online, then you are welcome to email the Library Help Centre and we’ll do our best to help you that way too

Book a Support Session


Are your students working on an assignment, report or thesis and need advice on good sources and search techniques or referencing or academic writing?

If you are a lecturer teaching at National College of Ireland, you can book a session from the Library Help Centre for your students. If you wish to book a session, try and do so at least three days in advance if possible – you can book a session via email or phone or in person. Please provide us with (i) the details of the module and course (ii) the details of the assignment or project that you would like the session to link into (iii) what kind of help the students need and (iv) specify your preferred date and time for the session.

The hours of the Library Help Centre adapt to demand so if you require an early evening or Saturday session, this is also possible provided we are given enough notice and the time slot is available.

Library Help Centre

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Keith Brittle
Need Advice for your Assignments or Research? Why not contact us in the Library Help Centre? Email us to book an appointment or you can just drop in
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