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Library Help Centre: Students

Student Testimonials

What is the Library Help Centre?

The Library Help Centre provides a professional, friendly, and free service to all NCI students in every discipline and at every level of academic study at NCI.

We offer one-to-one and small group support, both in-person and online, that focuses on helping you to become an independent learner so you can succeed in whatever challenges you face throughout your course at NCI.

How can the Library Help Centre support you?

Library Resources & Research:

  • Understand what resources are available through the library
  • Help you find information for your assignment or research
  • Teach you how to find information quickly and efficiently
  • Guidance on how to carry out a literature review

Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism:

  • Help improve your paraphrasing and referencing
  • Explain your Turnitin similarity report

Improve Your Grades:

  • Help you understand a lecturer’s feedback so to improve on your next assignment
  • If you are getting good grades, but you would like help to move up to the next level

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For Quick Queries:

Phone Us:
+353 01 4498645 +353 01 4498733
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Communications from the Library: Please note all communications from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your NCI student email account.