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(The) Library Essentials Guide: Opening Hours & Access

Library Hours



Covid-19 Library Closure from 6pm on Thursday 12th March 2020

The Norma Smurfit Library at NCI will make resources available online from or from No book reservations will be taken/fulfilled. Most books will automatically renew, but all fines for overdue books accrued will be waived during the period of closure. The Library can be contacted by email at and the Library Help Centre can be contacted at

Library Help Centre

Please be aware that the Library Help Centre will still be available to assist you remotely with your assignments and research. If you need any assistance during the enforced break, please feel free to email us at and we will respond to you as soon as we can.


Opening times can vary around Bank Holiday's, during exam time and in the summer, so please check the library website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for updates.

Library Access

In the library, you need your student card for the following:

  • Enter & Exit: By swiping your student card on the grey box at the turnstiles, your student card gives you access to enter and exit the library.
  • Borrow Books: To borrow books, you need your student card so you or library staff can access your account on the Self-Service Machine or at the library services desk.
  • Print & Photocopy: Your student card is connected to your print credit account and your student account, so you need your student card to print or photocopy.

Note: Only you can use your card to access the library amenities above. If your card is used by another person, staff are permitted to confiscate it.

Quiet Study Space

In the library, we try to promote an ethos of mutual respect with each other when using the library space. This means:

  • turning your phone to silent before entering the library
  • don't take or make any calls in the library
  • finish your conversations before entering the library
  • don't talk out loud in the library
  • please don't eat food in the library, covered drinks are ok

These are all basic things, but together they can make a difference and help maintain a clean, quiet study space for all who use the library.

Contact the Library Help Centre


Owing to the current isolation restrictions, we cannot currently offer face to face appointments, but please be aware we are still fully operational in terms of offering remote assistance for your assignments and research. If we can be of any help whatsoever, please do not hesitate to email us.




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Communications from the Library: Please note all communications from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your NCI student email account.