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(The) Library Essentials Guide: Computers, Printing & Photocopying


How to connect to the Wi-Fi network in NCI

The WiFi network at NCI is called Eduroam.

To access Eduroam, you will need to authenticate/log in by using your college network username and password. Use the following format when you are authenticating Eduroam to your device:

Password: xxxxxxxx (your college network password)

How to Print & Top Up Credit

Computers, Printing & Photocopying

In the library, there are 47 computers available for students to use. To login to a computer in the library, use your college network username (x followed by your student number) and password. WiFi and power sockets are also available in the library for laptop use. 

The library hold the main printing hub for NCI students. There are 4 printers/photocopiers located at the front of the library. All 4 of the printers provide printing, photocopying and scanning services.

Use your student card to pay for printing. If you are a new student in NCI, you will begin your course with €5 credit on our student card.


Go to the Student Print site and top-up your print credit using a debit or credit card. To log in, use your college network username and password.

For further details on printing and photocopying, take a look at the Library Printing Guide.

To print from your laptop, wireless printing is available in the library. To set up the wireless printing, take your laptop to the IT Help Desk on the 4th floor or go to NCI360 and log a request. 

There could be a number of reasons as to why your document has not shown up at one of the student printers. Ensure you have done the following:

  1. Make sure you are the person who is logged onto the PC - using your college user name and details.
  2. Swipe your own student card at the student printer or if you are printing in a group, make sure whoever is logged onto the pc you are sending the document from, swipes their student card at the printer.
  3. Ensure that you have sent your document to one of the student printers (Student on BW or Student on Colour).
  4. If you are printing in colour, make sure you swipe your card at one of the 2 colour printers. If you print in black and white your document should show up on any of the 4 library printers.
  5. Check to see if you have sufficient funds. If not, you can top up online:
  6. If you are printing a pdf from a browser, sometimes these documents will not show up on the printer. To print a pdf, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader and then send it to a student printer. 
  7. If you are trying to print an article from one of the library databases, sometimes these resources have restricted copyright access. This means you cannot print them.

If you have checked all of the above and you are still having issues printing, please talk to a member of the library staff or contact the IT HelpDesk.

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