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International Students - Adjusting to Academic Life in NCI: External Websites

International Students

External websites

External websites

In addition to using the college resources, there are a number of external sites that can also help you to adjust to academic life in National College of Ireland - these sites can help you prepare for college life and also assist you in understanding some of the requirements for assignments.

Palgrave Study Skills - This is a study support site aimed at international students and provides advice on coping with different accents and with lecturers who speak fast; it also provides advice on note taking and many other strategies for effective learning 

Prepare for Success - This a site designed for international students preparing for study in the UK but many of the topics here are equally applicable to studying in Ireland. It can help you better understand the requirements and study skills you need for studying in this part of the world

University of Toronto: Writing - This is a useful site providing advice on using English as a second language

Using English for Academic Purposes - A useful website for any international student studying a subject via the English language

The Academic Phrasebank - A resource provided by the University of Manchester, it aims to provide you with the vocabulary, phraseology and techniques required when using academic writing in English

Purdue Online Writing Lab - This site provides assistance with general writing for assignments as well as providing advice for students using English as a second language

Emerald Study Skills - A site giving you advice and tips on how to develop the key skills you need to succeed on your college course

UK Council for International Student Affairs: Study Skills for Success - Another UK website but a lot of the advice here is relevant to your own studies in the National College of Ireland

Skills4StudyCampus: What to expect from academic study - A good starting point when studying a course in English in this part of the world

LearnEnglish – a UK site to help you improve your vocabulary and grammar 

Helpful Study Tips for Every College Student - a useful guide from Maryville University

WriteCheck - resources that can help you improve your grammar and writing and avoid plagiarism

Time Management Tips for Busy College Students - some useful tips to help you navigate your way through each semester