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National College of Ireland


HECA Libraries Group E-Portfolio: Home

HECA Libraries Group E-Portfolio, Libraries of the following Colleges in Dublin, Ireland. CTT: Dublin Business School: Griffith College Dublin: Hibernia College: National College of Ireland


This is the template for an attempt at a combined platform for the training and development of the various Libraries that make up the HECA Libraries Group [CTT - College of Computing Technology:  Dublin Business School: Griffith College Dublin: Hibernia College: National College of Ireland]

From January to June 2017 the HECA Libraries Group were involved in a National Forum Project , CPD for Librariy Staff in HECA Libraries.

In the pilot the group used WordPress, however I have decided to try to use LibGuides as the platform to link the various E-Portfolios of the group.

About ePortfolios, Librarians & CPD

"An e-portfolio is a useful tool to facilitate librarians’ participation in meaningful continuing professional development (CPD), including recording, storing evidence of, and reflecting on CPD activities. Implementing an e-portfolio for library staff requires training in the use of the tool and also training in reflective practice in order to use the tool to maximum advantage. . Library staff may find the transition from merely recording CPD to active reflection and career planning a challenge. . An e-portfolio may assist library staff to prepare for their annual performance development and review. . An e-portfolio may prove to be a useful tool for library staff and managers to align individual staff members’ professional and career development with the library’s objectives and the strategic direction of the parent organisation." [Hampe, N, & Lewis, S 2013, 'E-portfolios support continuing professional development for librarians', The Australian Library Journal, 1, p. 1 (14pp)]

ePortfolio's & HECA Libraries

ePortfolios allow students, educators, and other professionals, in this group Librarians to collect evidence of learning, creativity, and reflection to showcase their work and ideas. A few uses of ePortfoliom in general include student galleries, collaborative projects, research presentations, documenting experiential learning, interactive resumes and even reporting on social or sporting events and student groups. HECA Librarians use WordPress to support the CPD T&L Project; this LibGuide is intended to be used as a place to collaborate and share ideas.

This LibGuide is intended as an introduction & platform for HECA Libraries ePortfolio for both faculty and students. It is very much the beginning of a journey. I deliberately used a different product in order to show that different products can be used.

HECA Lilbrarians ePortfolio Site Links



CTT: College of Computing Technology
Librarian: Justin Smyth


Dublin Business School
Librarian: Marie O’Neill

Deputy Librarian, Jane Buggle

Reader Services, Trevor Haugh

Systems Librarian, David Hughes





Griffith College Dublin
Librarian:  Robert McKenna,

Dimphne Ní Bhraonáin,

Hibernia College
Librarian: Audrey Geraghty

National College of Ireland
Librarian: Mary Buckley


WordPress Tutorial

WordPress youtube tutorial as created by Robert McKenna, Griffith College Dublin for the T&L Pilot Study

Mary Buckley Librarian

Profile Photo
Mary Buckley
The Librarian, Norma Smurfit Library National college of Ireland Mayor Street IFSC Dublin 1 Ireland
(+353) 1 4498509