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Technology Management Subject Guide: Key Databases and Journals



Key Databases and Journals

In order to access journal articles and other online material for your subject area, you can consult the key databases that are relevant to your particular subject area individually - these are displayed in the central panel.

Key Databases for

Academic Search Complete - multidisciplinary database, subject coverage includes Science & Technology; user guide.  *

ACM Digital Library - subject coverage includes Computing; user guide.  *

Business Source Complete - subject coverage includes Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Law, Management, Marketing and Psychology; user guide.  *

Emerald - multidisciplinary database, subject coverage includes Accounting & Finance, HR & Organizational Behaviour, Management Science & Operations and Marketing; user guide.  *

IEEE Xplore - subject coverage includes Computing; user guide.  *

Lecture Notes in Computer Science - subject coverage includes Computing; user guide.  *

Proquest Business Collection - subject coverage includes Business and Entrepreneurship; user guide.  *

Sage Journals - subject coverage includes Computing, Management and Marketing; user guide.  *

ScienceDirect - subject coverage includes Computing; user guide *

Scopus - abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature; subject coverage includes Science, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities; user guide


* Available in Discovery

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Publishing restricts access to Harvard Business Review's 500 most popular articles to "read-only" in Business Source Complete. The full text of the HBR 500 articles can be accessed but cannot be saved, printed, or linked to from a persistent url. Harvard Business Publishing does not allow the use of the HBR 500 articles in electronic reserves, electronic course packs, persistent linking from syllabi or by any other means of incorporating the content into course resources.


The 500* Articles may be read online but not downloaded or saved

The 500* Articles may not be put/linked to Moodle

Click here for 500 Article Titles

When you search in Business Source Complete (EBSCO Database) & you come across one of the 500* HBR Articles there will be a yellow box with the following text: ‘The publisher offers limited access to this article. The full text cannot be printed or saved.’ see screenshot below.


Harvard business review