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Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism: Referencing with Microsoft Word

Referencing with Microsoft Word

This page provides information on how to use Microsoft Word to reference. Word provides adequate organisation and referencing features; however, long term, students may want to consider downloading Mendeley for managing files.

How to Use Microsoft Word to Reference

MS Word has a limited amount of citation styles to choose from, and sources need to be added manually.

Ensure you select the correct citation style for your course, go to References in your Word Document, next to Style in the drop-down menu, select your preferred style, you can choose from Harvard, APA or IEEE.

The below document gives a brief overview of how you can use Microsoft Word to Reference.



How to Reference with Microsoft Word

Moving your references between computers

This page provides information on moving reference sources from one computer to another.

Alternatively you can open a new MS Word document  go to References > Manage Sources

Copy the sources from your Master List to the current list. Save the document to a USB or e-mail it to yourself.

When you open the document at a different computer you will have your full list of sources saved to that document, and you can copy them to the Master List under References > Manage Sources again.