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Law Subject Guide: Books and eBooks


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All the books in the library are organised first by number (which corresponds to a subject area) and then alphabetically by author’s surname. Use the library catalogue to search for books from your reading list.

To help you get started, the first box below provides a few selective helpful numbers – consult your reading lists and course material for more detail on your recommended texts; for assistance in using the library catalogue, please use this guide.


These numbers may be helpful for finding books in the following subject areas:

344.41501 – Health and Safety Law – Ireland / Employment Law - Ireland

346.41702 - Irish Contract Law

346.417066 - Irish Company Law

346.41707 – Irish Business Law / Irish Commercial Law

349.417 – Irish Law


You can also access some relevant material by using the eBooks available through the library. The following key texts from your reading lists are available in eBook format through; user guide

Bolger, M., Bruton, C. & Kimber, C. (2012). Employment equality law

Breslin, J. (2013). Banking law. 3rd ed.

Buckley, A.J. (2016). Insurance law. 4th ed. 

Clark, R. (2016). Contract Law in Ireland. 8th ed. 

Donnelly, M. (2015). The law of credit and security. 2nd ed. 

Hogan, G. & Morgan, D.G. (2010). Administrative law in Ireland. 4th ed. 


Communications from the library

Please note all communications, from the library, concerning renewal of books, overdue books and reservations will be sent to your N.C.I. student email account.