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Education Subject Guide: Books and eBooks


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All the books in the library are organised first by number (which corresponds to a subject area) and then alphabetically by author’s surname. Use the library catalogue to search for books from your reading list.

To help you get started, the first box below provides a few selective helpful numbers – consult your reading lists and course material for more detail on your recommended texts; for assistance in using the library catalogue, please use this guide.


These numbers may be helpful for finding books in the following subject areas:

155 – Lifespan Development

301 - Sociology 

302.2 - Communication (Social Interaction)

309.1415 – Sociology – Ireland

370.1 – Education - Theory and Philosophy

370.1523 – Education - Learning

372.21 – Early Childhood Education

374 – Adult Education

378.170281 – Study Skills for Education

658.45 – Communication (Business/Management)

Library Map


You can also access some relevant material by using the eBooks available through the library. The following key texts from your subject area are available in eBook format.

Barrett, T. and Moore, S. (eds.) (2011) New approaches to problem-based learning

Calkins, S.D. and Bell, M.A. (eds.) (2010) Child development at the intersection of emotion and cognition 

Forsyth, D.R. (2016) College teaching: Practical insights from the science of teaching and learning

Griffin, J.A., McArdle, P. and Freund, L.S. (eds.) Executive function in preschool-age children: Integrating measurement, neurodevelopment, and translational research

Harris, K.R., Graham, S., Urdan, T., Bus, A.G., Major, S. and Swanson, H.L. (eds.) (2012) APA educational psychology handbook, vol.3: Application to learning and teaching 

Harris, K.R., Graham, S., Urdan, T., McCormick, C.B., Sinatra, G.M. and Sweller, J. (eds.) (2012) APA educational psychology handbook, vol.1: Theories, constructs and critical issues

Harris, K.R., Graham, S., Urdan, T., Graham, S., Royer, J.M. and Zeidner, M. (eds.) (2012) APA educational psychology handbook, vol.2: Individual differences and cultural and contextual factors

Illeris, K. (2007) How we learn: Learning and non-learning in school and beyond

Savin-Baden, M. & Howell Major, C. (2004) Foundations of problem-based learning

Schaefer, C.E. (ed.) (2010) Play therapy for preschool children 

Schwartz, B.M. and Gurung, R.A.R. (eds.) (2012) Evidence-based teaching for higher education

There are more eBooks available by searching in the following databases:-