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eBooks: Safari

A guide on accessing eBooks through our various databases.

Safari Books Online

Image of Safari Logo

Safari Books Online from ProQuest is a collection of eBooks covering the following subjects: information technology (I.T.), business, and personal and professional development. The library has access to over 100 specially selected titles that are relevant to courses at the National College of Ireland.

How do I find eBooks in Safari Books Online?

You can find eBooks in Safari Books Online in the following ways:

  1. Browsing the collection from the homepage after logging in.
  2. Using the search bar on the top of the page.

How do I open an eBook?

To open an eBook in Safari Books Online, click on the title or the book cover image.

Image of Safari eBook result

You can begin from the very start of a book by selecting the Start reading button.

Image of Safari "Start Reading" link

You can also scroll to the table of contents and select a particular chapter you want to read.

Image of Safari Table of Contents

The eBook will open in your browser.

Watch this guide to learn how to search Safari Books Online

Browsing Safari Books Online

You can browse Safari Books Online from the home page when logged in. You will be brought to our "bookshelf" which shows all of the eBooks that can be accessed.

They can be sorted by Title, Date published or Date Added

Image of Safari Home page

Using Safari Books Online search

Safari Books Online has a number of search options. The default search is found on the top of most pages. You can search for keywords, authors and titles. When entering a term you will get suggested searches including titles and terms.

Image of Safari Search

When you have run your search you will get a results page like below. It will search for your term in full text, chapter titles, bibliographies and references and the index.

Note how you can also refine your search in the box displayed above the results by adding new terms.

Image of Safari search

When you see a result that matches your search, proceed to open the eBook.