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Copyright, Data Protection & GDPR: Copyright guidelines for staff in NCI

This guide sets out guidelines for copyright regarding library resources for students and staff in NCI.

Copyright Regulations @NCI for Faculty & Staff



NCI Moodle and Copyright

All faculty and staff of the National College of Ireland now have the choice to make course material available via Moodle (LMS: Learning Management System).   The Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 (& Statutory Instrument S.I. 15, 2002) allows copyright material to be communicated on Moodle for educational purposes under the license the college holds from the ICLA (Irish Copyright Licensing Authority) . Certain conditions and limitations apply that you must abide by:

Limit the amount communicated

There are limits on the types and amounts of material that can be communicated on the LMS.

All digital materials made available via Moodle should be deleted at the end of each academic year and if required again, be put back up on Moodle at the beginning of each academic year.

Textual material - 

  • You can photocopy 10% of the total number of pages or 1 whole chapter from a book, whichever is greatest.
  • You can have more than 10% if the work is not commercially available within a reasonable time at a reasonable price, e.g. out of print or unpublished
  • You can photocopy 1 article from a journal or periodical. If using e-journal articles from Discovery or one of the library subscribed databases, it would be preferable for you to link to them using a url rather than downloading the pdf
  • If the work is a published edition, you may copy it in full
  • No systematic or repeated copying of the same material which would breach the above limitations is permitted during any one course of study/module, i.e.: progressively copying more than the above limitation for the same class of students.

Images - You can use an image from an electronic source, such as a website, or from a print source, such as a book so long as it is not separately available for purchase.

Websites – It is recommended that you link to a website. If you must reproduce material from a website, check the terms & conditions to see what you are permitted to do. If there are no terms & conditions, how much you can use will depend on the type of material, e.g. images or text.

Films (including TV programmes, documentaries, news programmes, etc) – You cannot make a commercial DVD of a film available on Moodle.

Sound Recordings (including interviews etc) - You can not make a commercial CD of a sound recording available on Moodle.

Recorded Music –  You cannot make this available via Moodle

Podcasts – You can make podcasts of TV & radio broadcasts available on Moodle, if the country of origin is a signatory to the Rome Convention. If not, or if the podcast is a web exclusive, you may link to it instead.

For full details see: Guidelines for Using Copyright Material for Higher Educational Purposes

Cite all material used

You should cite all material with a full bibliographic citation. Citations should include the author, title, publication date & source of the item, e.g. book, journal, website etc. The standard referencing styles in NCI are Harvard, APA or IEEE. For further information on referencing material see here.

Note:  A ‘published edition’ refers to the printed edition of a literary, dramatic or musical work where copyright has expired and therefore is in the public domain, e.g. a play by Shakespeare, or a concerto by Mozart. Copyright applies to the published edition but only protects the typographical arrangement and layout.

ICLA [Irish Copyright Licence Agency] Updated Higher Education Licence 2016/2017

This updated HE [Higher Education] License covers copying & scanning from books, journals, magazine & newspapers

The License provides annual blanket permissions to copy & reuse content from print & digital publications

It allows you to:

Make copies from digital & print books, magazines, newspapers & websites

Share copies with students & staff

Store copies on your intranet

Copy up to 1 article, chapter or 10% of the total, whichever is greater

Copy publications from Ireland plus many other international territories including the UK, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Spain & Italy

Include newspapers published in Ireland & the UK

Use images from publications included in the ICLA Licence

The purpose of the Licence is intended to broaden & enrich students' learning experience by enabling an institution to provide greater access to copyright materials, through creating course packs or putting reading material on VLEs [Virtual Learning Environments] such as Moodle.

Copyright Notice


Please take note of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 and the consequent regulations which update the law in the making of photocopies and reproductions of library materials. At times under certain conditions specified in the Copyright and the Related Rights Act 2000, libraries and archives may be authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction(s).  Important: one of these conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction may not be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research and that only one copy be provided for scholarly purposes, unless copyright fees are paid.  The library is unable at this time to provide materials for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Further reproduction of paper copies made from the College's computer system may be in violation of copyright laws and is prohibited.  If further clarification is required please enquire from

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